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Attract your Customer with your Website Design

Common Website Problems Experienced

Problems are often viewed as negative when the opposite is true. Since we do not live in a perfect world, mistakes are made which can bring unforeseen problems to the surface. These problems help us realize where a mistake was made which is why problems are necessary and always insightful when solutions are found. From time to time common problems plague websites they can have a dramatic effect on how it displays along with website devaluations through reduced quality score. Here is a brief list a few more common problems website owners will have to likely have to deal with at some point. [Read More…] about Common Website Problems Experienced

Creating an Online Community Intro

Community Website Introduction

Have you ever thought about creating an online community? The following article is intended to outline the possible uses a  Community website brings to your business.

Requirements: Web Server, Hosting account and Domain name.

Common interest groups can enjoy the atmosphere of community ownership. Bring Facebook, Twitter and YouTube into your community by using drag n drop features with widgets. To grow a community calls for passion and finding people that care about what you care about. All members need to do is start sharing or observing insights within the community website. [Read More…] about Creating an Online Community Intro

What is Lead Capturing?

A Quick Explanation on Collecting Leads with Your Website

It’s time to begin advertising your big idea or concept and you’re going to start with a well designed website for your new business. What happens when someone wants to take you up on your offer? How easy have you made for your treasured visitor to get their hands on your offer? Capturing leads is the process of pointing prospects in the right direction to get more information on what they are looking for, often referred to as your sales funnel. On the Internet when website visitors opt in, request info, sign-up for newsletters or make product purchases you can easily measure these actions with web analytics. When an interested prospect wants to find out more information your lead management system comes into play.
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Organic Optimization to Attract the Right Audience

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting your website optimized for search engines is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. With the power of Google Analytics you can easily measure organic growth after ethical page optimization throughout your website has been applied.  SEO is constantly evolving so it is necessary to do constant homework on what the ingenious search engine engineers are up to. The areas of organic optimization (SEO) we like to always include in any project are:

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