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Preparing to Create Your Website

Depending on the size of your business it may not be economically feasible to create your own professional website. Custom website costs start at $990 and up.

After you launch a new website you have the added burdens of getting traffic and hiring a webmaster to make your updates, changes and additions. If you have ever tried to initiate your own traffic campaigns you know how time consuming it is. Additionally, your efforts may not pay off. Perhaps you have played on Twitter in an effort to grow your business? All that time spent with very little to show! In this article I will help you understand what steps you should take to prepare for publishing a website.

Help Guiding you Through The Maze Online

There really are some fundamental steps you can take from the outset that will save you a ton of time and money.

5 Essential Steps to Take Before Creating Your Website

  1. Compose content for the main pages of your website in Microsoft Word.
  2. The main pages (minimum) to an effective website include About Us, Contact Us (Location), Products/Services, Image Gallery, FAQ (10 of the most commonly asked questions)
  3. Do you want to have a news category? Some businesses like to share a monthly summary of business events and activities.
  4. Why do you want a website? Do you want to have an irresistible offer to help generate leads? If so, what will your offer be? How about sell products or branding? You should have a good idea what you want from your website.
  5. Do you want to sell products or services on your website? If you do, a payment gateway will be needed. The publishing system uses PayPal for payment transactions.

Now that you have an idea of what needs to be addressed before getting too busy publishing, it’s time to make some decisions. Based on how you address the 5 essentials your action steps to move forward should be pretty clear.

Actions Steps Moving Forward

  1. All documents (web page content) that are prepared in MS word can be directly published on your website. First type up your page content and save the files on your computer.
  2. Once you decide on the page content, decide on how you will structure your content pages. Will you use categories (directories) to store your information in? Your static information can be displayed on the top navigation menus. While information like news and events can be organized in categories.
  3. News can be your own or you can leverage the power of news feeds on other websites like YouTube, Expert Feeds, or EzineArticles, etc. News feeds can be displayed on your site using RSS feeds found in widgets.
  4. Generating leads is a common goal for websites. It’s not the only goal! You may want to sell products, realign brand perception or improve brand awareness. If you want to gather leads you will need to devise an offer that is tantalizing for visitors.
  5. Selling products in a secure environment is already completely coded and ready for you. All you will need to do is register for a free PayPal account.

There you have it! Hopefully you have an idea of the essentials for developing a meaningful website. Whether you build your own website or have us do it for you, the same basic essentials above must be uncovered. If they are not, you will likely have a disorganized website that users will have a hard time figuring out. Plan your work and work your plan.

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